Aetna clients: 

I am an in-network provider for most Aetna plans.  When you provide me your name, date of birth and Aetna insurance ID I can provide you with an Estimation of Benefits to see if you have a co-pay.  Aetna states you are entitled to 6 free lactation consults.  You can use one for a prenatal breastfeeding class.  SOMETIMES you WILL have a small co-payment for my services ($12-$36 in most cases.)  I will let you know before the visit what that will be.


Other insurance questions: 

To my knowledge, there are no other insurance companies in California (besides Aetna) with in-network lactation consultants for home visits. I will provide you with a "Superbill" for reimbursement, and you will pay me upfront for my services.


Some companies, such as Google and Uber may cover lactation consults at no cost to the employee or family member covered by such plans such as Blue Cross/Blue Shield (but this is a special arrangement ONLY through certain companies.)


I work with Cleo, and you will not be responsible for the first 2 visits if your company has the Cleo benefit. 


Thank you for your inquiry.