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Client Portal Page

Client Portal Form Filling Instructions (I will be using the Mobile Lactation Consultant App during our visit):


Portal Instructions: phone or tablet

  • Download the free app called Mobile Lactation Consultant from the app store or Google play (you can delete it once the form is completed).

  • The name of my practice is Los Gatos Lactation.

  • Sign on. No user name or password

  • Start by taking your picture.

  • Follow the prompts all the way through, filling information about yourself and your baby.

  • Click SAVE after each page, or section, is complete.

  • At the end, be sure to click on the “documents” tab at the bottom, read the HIPPA agreement and sign the consent form.

Portal Instructions: web browser (computer only)

  • Log onto my web portal.

  • Fill out all the information about yourself and your baby (4 tabs).

  • Submit once complete.

  • The web portal doesn't have the option of taking your photo and reading and signing the HIPPA agreement and the consent form. We will do that once I begin the visit.


Thank you

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