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“Debra really helped me when no one else could figure out my issues- she didn’t give up and supported me throughout my entire nursing relationship with my daughter. Elliana didn’t have so much as a serious cold her entire first year of life, largely, I believe, because of the immune support I was able to give her through breast milk. Without Debra’s help, I would’ve given up months too early. We are forever grateful and I now count Debra as a dear friend.”


Sarah Hansen

"Debra has been a rock for me. I struggled the first few weeks with breastfeeding my first child and was very anxious before I delivered Henri. I met Debra through a common friend. We met before I delivered, she provided support and advice on how best to start my relationship with my baby. She then came to the hospital where she observed feeding and helped out with positioning and comfort. We met a couple of other times. At each meet up, Debra was professional and friendly. She made me feel like I was a super mom at these times where you REALLY need to hear that!!! I don't think I would have been feeding Henri for this long if it hadn't been for Debra. I would recommend her a 100%. She is a qualified and lovable professional for these times where you know you can't do it on your own.” 


Anne-Sophie Noiret

"When I first met Debra at the Good Samaritan Hospital Support Group, I was several weeks into struggling with breastfeeding which included low milk supply. I was also experiencing a lot of pain in my breasts that went beyond a bad latch. Debra was able to quickly see what the issue was (Mammory Constriction Syndrome and Vasospasms). Each time I had a question or concern Debra has helped me find solutions by using resources, guidance, and her experience. Debra's dedication to me having a wonderful breastfeeding experience has made the difference for my family. She has always included my husband in the process which he appreciated and was a huge plus for me when I needed additional support at home. Debra's kindness, humor, and passion make her a great LC and we are grateful to have her in our lives."

Heidi C.

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