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Donating 1% of consultation service fees to Coral Gardeners. Ensuring the future of healthy reefs for your children to enjoy when they grow up!

The Ocean Unites Us

The ocean has always been a huge inspiration and meditative place for me. I feel the most calm after swimming in the ocean and interacting with marine life.

I want to make sure the next generation is well fed and has the opportunity to experience the ocean as we know it; to surf its waves, to dive with its creatures, and breathe the oxygen it produces. Coral reefs are the foundations of a healthy ocean, and it is only in coming together that we can save them.

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Revolutionizing Ocean Conservation and Creating a Global Movement to Save The Reef

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Adopt A Coral

You can adopt a coral in the name of your family & friends. This contribution will help Coral Gardeners scale their impact and plan more corals! As a WTR member, I can extend you a 15% discount to all online purchases!

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